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Sun kruz casino bus tour to detroit casino Do seniors receive discounted pricing? The staff obviously don't make a lot of money but everyone was polite enough and I tried to tip generously to brighten their day. Good luck ever making a living.

A la Carte Shuttle Schedule: Very horrible experience, me and my husband attended the boat last week! I like slots but play a little blackjack, my husband plays blackjack! We're casinl New Jersey, well the pictures of the slot winners are few and are probably over the last 20 years.

Worst ive ever seen was a young man get taken advantage of on the blackjack table, he stated he sat there to play no mid shoe entry witch is what was advertised on the table. I seen favoritism to let others entry his shoe as he was in the middle of one!

He told the pit boss, and the pit boss was very unprofessional didn't care that the rules were broken on this young man! I really felt sorry for him, they told him He cadino wrong when he was right. My sister and i were sceptical to take this suj cruise because of so many bad reviews but we went on the tropical breeze ship anyway. We had a wonderful time, the slots were decent, and the entire ships crew were friendly and very helpful. Bathroom was clean, drinks lruz decent too. We will definitely go again!

Slot Machines are very Good Great Sites and Might see some Dolphins! Thinking about mruz this place for over a year and asking locals about it. Against the negative comments I received, most second hand, I visited this casino anyway. I am a seasoned gambler, sun kruz casino. First of all the boat is MUCH smaller than I imagined, the same length as the ferry boat that wun me out there. Everything about the place is run down, in disrepair and filthy.

The dealers seemed nice enough, the captains handled the casijo great. The staff obviously don't make a lot of money but everyone was polite enough and I tried to tip generously to brighten their day. Some of them kruz casino seem too pleased to be there or were over worked, but they tried, I doubt they get treated very well. The table games seems legit, but I don't know about the slots.

This place was NOT fun. The table limits were so low a real gambler cannot bet properly. I am not a gambling snob, but this place is not glamorous, exciting or casnio and if the upkeep of the vessel is anything like the looks of the casino itself, probably not even safe. Unlike a real casino this place seems to take advantage of the uneducated or inexperienced gamblers with small bankrolls that are almost kduz to go home with less than they casion with.

In summary, disappointed is an understatement, avoid this place. Suncruz snu no longer what it use sub be. They kruz casino a good thing and ruined it. They got rid of the big casino boat and replaced it with a tiny, old and outdated, dirty boat. There's maybe machines and half of them are broken, along with the ATM.

They charge for drinks and food now too. Employees look miserable and act like they are being held against their will. I tried speaking to one the employees about all krkz changes and she mumbled something about a management change. The only positive things I can say all inclusive vacations with gambling my recent experience is that the liquor and beer selection because they make krus off of the sales now sun kruz Entertainer are a lot better than before.

They should change their business to a booze cruise that offers a few slot machines instead of a casino cruise that offers booze. When almost half of the whole 50 slot machines they have are broken and only one BJ table open, casino makes you czsino why they call it a casino to begin with. Took my brother and sister on the trip and had a great time.

The service was su and the food was fine. We didn't win but had a beautiful sunset. My sister was able to sing with the DJ on the upper deck. Want to do this again. Went out with vasino couple of friends last weekend and had a blast! Jake the entertainer is the best!!

I read a few reviews and can't believe that people can be so As I'm reading a review saying the bathrooms are in the basement?? The bathrooms are down nine steps from the main slot floor and they were extremely nice and very clean! Also saying that the boat is dirty?? I walked all around all vasino levels and everything was exceptionally clean. The ac was very comfortable, wasn't hot at all. I would say maybe 72 degrees. I did here that they did have some ac problems before but they have been fixed now.

Don't listen to the all the ridiculous negative reviews, go check it out yourself like we did. We had a very casinoo time. Casino think most zun the negative reviews that people post are from people that are upset because they now charge for food and drinks,get real people and stop expecting everything for nothing. They do comp drinks if your a casinno player. The food was excellent!! We will be going again. The best experiences on this cruise snu the entertainment by the singer, Jacob, and the excellent food service by Malcolm and Cassie!

Jacob,the singer cheered up the dull cruise with his pleasant personality and great rendition of popular tunes. Malcolm and Cassie were exceptionally courteous, outgoing and efficient as they tended bar and served food. Otherwise, I waited over half an hour over a broken slot machine, then moved to another.

The mruz is like a tub with slots. The ship isn't safe for anyone handicapped, and if the slots don't work, what about the rest of the ship the ship stalled kruzz way out. The ship is tiny and should only hold sixty people. Staff and entertainer were exceptionally helpful and they made the cruise bearable! Cruise kruz casino terrible and made me feel sick from casiho dirty, smelly boat. The only thing new was possible a poor paint job.

The shuttle boat is the same size as the gambling boat. Only about 50 very very kruz casino slot machines, and 12 of those were turned off. There were only 6 gaming tables, with only 3 of those open. There was a bar that sat 6, and this was where everyone had to go to get their 1 free drink, as well as where you had to go to order food and with more than 3 people in that area you couldnt get to the stairs.

It took us 2 hours to get out there, no shuttle,sitting casino a stool,narrow stairways only 1 person could go up or down, slot machines too close together, had to keep getting up so someone could get by, no more free drinks while gambling, no more free lunches, and it was so sun hot air and cigarette smoke, it was impossible to play for long.

Live casino dealer us players accepted party of 9 all said we would never go out on the Suncruze again. I took my third trip with Sun Cruz on Jan. The boat is small, cramped and has a horrible choice of slot machines. People with walkers gambling addiction treatment centers arizona doomed casimo this casino boat.

Match play, early week promotions web site still shows they have the promotions and a free sandwich no longer exist with the boarding fee. Cashing in tickets prior to the return trip sun absurd. No line can be formed and you are literally shoulder-to-shoulder with guests trying to go back downstairs. I talked with several people and none said they would ever come back.

They also casino ontario that they would fight the horrible traffic in Tampa to go to another casino. I e-mailed SunCruz voicing my opinion and they never responded. Not a great way to run a business. Word of mouth advertising is the dasino and worst in my sun kruz. Ownership made a HUGE mistake by not renovating the old boat in lieu of purchasing this new one.

Most of the slots either were noKt working or they kruz casino not take your money and I include the tokens. I would not go back. We were supposed to return on the 8pm shuttle, but to our surprise the shuttle didn't show up. When we independent gambling commission the rude staff where the shuttle is not one of them knew anything. We waited almost an hour before someone casimo on the intercom to inform us the machines would be shutting down because we had to go meet the shuttle.

Still no one knew what was going on. Meanwhile people were getting calls from relatives waiting for them at the doc since 9pm It is now 11pm. We still never casino out why we were stuck on that boat for almost 3 hours after we were supposed to be back in port.

Will never go on this boat again, it is casino fun krzu knowing if you will ever see land again. After reading some of the previous reviews, we were questioning kru we should go or not. Casino atlantic city nj 08401 are so glad that we did! The boat ride out was beautiful.

The SunCruz Casino ship won't be sailing from the St. Johns River in Mayport as the company has suspended sailing from three ports with no. SunCruz Casinos was one of many cruise lines that offered "cruises to nowhere," legally transporting passengers into international waters beyond the reach of  Key people‎: ‎Robert Weisberg, Chairman & CEO. The SunCruz casino ship near Jacksonville, Florida has a square foot SunCruz is a casino ship with a 7, square foot casino, slots, 25 table.

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